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About Nyikani Camps & Lodges

Who we are & what we believe

We believe the wonders of a day in the wilderness should be accompanied by comforts of a night in a place that feels like home.

Our accommodations celebrate the unique characteristics of their environments. Nature is replete with curiosities and surprises, and each camp is designed to share these riches through style and theme.

The Nyikani team is dedicated to creating the most hospitable,  enjoyable and exciting experience while you stay with us.  Our goal is to make you feel welcome in our home and treat you like honored guests.

Your home in the wilderness

Sustainability. Commitment.

We believe that your tourism business should benefit local communities and protect the environment.

While maintaining a high standard of boutique-luxury, our camp-style construction minimizes the space between human presence and the bush – the tent walls are thin enough to let the night sounds in but thick enough to keep the wild things out.

The tents are spacious with furnishings and artwork sourced from local artisans.  Nyikani Tarangire and Nyikani Central Serengeti have running water, double vanities, hot showers and flush toilets.  Nyikani Migration seasonal camps have running water, double vanities, bucket showers and flush toilets.  All of our camps provide filtered water for drinking along with delicious food and a wide array of wines and spirits.


We are proud to employ all Tanzanians in the Nyikani Camps and Lodges family. Our Staff receive extensive training in hospitality and we provide health insurance for all employees and their families.


All camps are solar powered with lighting and outlets for charging cameras, phones, notebooks, and laptops. 
WiFi is available at all our camps.

Nyikani Migration Camp - Employees

All refuse is recycled; fuel consumption is offset by planting indigenous trees.


Our guest alumni regularly organize shipments of supplies and toys for children at neighboring schools.

We are deeply invested in the people and culture of Northern Tanzania, and the bushland; we are deeply committed to honoring our community through conscientious business practices.